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You told us you adored internet blogger Kylie Stamey’s recent wedding memories post and said you wanted to hear more from her. We heard you loud and clear, which is why we’ve asked her back to share some of her top wedding planning tips. You’re gonna love these…

When planning a wedding, it is crucial that you stay organized, or hire a wedding planner that will keep you organized. The better organized you are, the less stress you will have leading up to your big day.

Here are some tips that kept me organized for my wedding day:

Buy/Make a wedding planning notebook:

I used two different planners. One that was pretty and customized, and one that I printed out and put in a binder, that was more practical.

  1.  Etsy has really cute customized wedding planners, they can get pricey, though, and take FOREVER to come in. I got my adorable customized planner from the online store on Etsy called Paper Bound Love, and it was $63 with shipping.
  2. has my FAVORITE planner. It is 66 printable pages of awesome tips, and worksheets to stay organized. This planner is currently FREE. Just download it from the website.

Make an account with The Knot:

The Knot is an app/website that connects you to potential vendors, photographers, caterers, DJs, and so much more. You can message different places to get quotes on prices, and you can also read all about the places you’re looking at. The Knot provides a website for you to customize. You can use this website to stay organized with RSVPs, and up-to-date with plans. The Knot also helps you budget, and gives you a weekly/monthly checklist. (Wedding Wire is another app/website like The Knot. I tried it but didn’t like it as well.)

Pick a reliable wedding party:

I found out the hard way that choosing the RIGHT friends to be in your bridal party is VERY IMPORTANT. I chose someone I had been close to for a while to be in my bridal party, and she quit. The stress of a wedding is unbelievable. You need to make sure you choose a good, strong group of people who have your back.

Save as much money as you can:

Weddings add up to THOUSANDS of dollars. Save as much money as you can. Sit down and decide what is important to you. Cut out the things that aren’t as important. One of the things I cut out was programs, and it saved me $200. Also, FOOD ISN’T $50 A PLATE EVERYWHERE. Unless you’re set on a caterer that charges that much, not every one is that expensive. Do your research. Some caterers will go as low as $10 a plate with really good food. DIYs are a MUST. If you can do it yourself cheaper, then DO IT. For example, we made our own corn hole boards and customized them for around $70. Buying them customized on Etsy costs about $300.

Even though planning a wedding is a lot of work, it is also so much fun. It is something girls dream about from a young age. The internet has made it easier to find great ideas and to connect with vendors. Staying organized is key.


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